There are seven advantages when using Embedded Proto. They will help you to speed up development, reduce bugs and increase maintainability and scalability.
  • Suitable for Different Microcontrollers

    We do not want to limit your choice of hardware. We believe that the choice of hardware should depend on what you need. Therefore we write the code platform independent. We also make tutorials for different microcontrollers, to make it easier for programmers to adopt it to your platform.

  • Modern C++ Implementation

    The functionalities and size of microcontrollers is growing. This makes the software of microcontrollers more powerfull but also, more complex. We believe that object oriented programming offers the solution to this problem. Therefore, Embedded Proto uses a modern C++ 17 implementation.

  • Small RAM & ROM Footprints

    To limit overhead of the library, we have focussed on using as little amount of memory usage. Because of this, Embedded Proto now rivals C implementations in RAM & ROM usage. Therefore, there is more room for your code.

  • MISRA Compatible Code

    Our software is often used in applications where safety is critical. To match the necessary safety guidelines, the quality of the code needs to be of a high standard. Therefore, the entire library is unit tested and for 95% in according to the latest MISRA guidelines. This improves reliability and guarantees that the entire library is safe to use in all your applications. Do you need 100% MISRA compliance or a different standart? Feel free to contact use to discuss the posibilities!

  • No Dynamic Memory Allocation Required

    Many coding standards forbid dynamic memory allocation in critical applications that rely on safety. When using Embedded Proto, dynamic memory allocation is not required. We use template parameters to set sizes to adhere to all necessary safety standards. This makes the execution of your code predictable.

  • Easily Integrated

    We firmly believe that tools should help the developer. Therefore we made sure that Embedded Proto is easy to implement in your existing toolchain. It works with a wide variety of build systems and IDEs. Examples

  • Professional Support

    Who wants to spend a lot of time on a hard to understand library? No one. At least, we do not. Therefore, we help you on the way with extensive documentation. Is something still not entirely clear? No problem, we got you. We offer professional support via email, phone or an (online) meeting. So you can spend time on what you do best.

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