To String

As of version 3.3.0, you can use the to_string() method on embedded devices. This function is meant for debugging purposes to give the programmer insights into the values in a given message. The function is not enabled by default. To enable using the to string function do the following:

  1. Build with C++17 enabled.
  2. Define the build flag MSG_TO_STRING.

Next, you can call the to_string function with a string_view parameter. This is a struct holding a pointer to the character array and its size.

constexpr uint32_t N = 1024;
char str[N];
::EmbeddedProto::string_view str_view = { str, N };

::EmbeddedProto::string_view str_left = msg.to_string(str_view);

An example of the text generated and stored in the array is shown below:

  "u": 1.000000,
  "nested_a": {
    "x": [
    "y": 1.000000,
    "z": 1
  "v": 1

The message could be incomplete if there are not enough characters in the array. The to_string function returns a string_view struct with the characters left in the array.