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Embedded Proto is an easy to use C++ Protocol Buffer implementation specifically suited for microcontrollers. Different types of MCUs are supported. Reliability is guaranteed, and code quality is checked against an extensive rule set.

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Why Embedded Proto?

By using protobuf in your microcontroller, you can easily exchange data between multiple controllers, servers, or desktop applications. It simplifies your workflow and makes your code robust by generating data serialization code. This way, you do not have to write this for all platforms with which you communicate.

Embedded Proto generates protobuf code specifically suited for microcontrollers, something the google implementation does not. Examples for processors such as the ARM Cortex-M 32bit series or the Texas Instruments MSP420 16bit series are available.

The Embedded Proto protoc plugin has a user friendly interface. It is easy to exchange data between your MCU and other devices, servers, apps, or applications in a standardized format. Learn more about protocol buffers.


Example Projects

Embedded Proto comes with extensive documentation. Covering everything – from the basics to the installation process and usage instructions. 

There are various implementation examples available for different toolchains and processors. Click on one of the examples below for a detailed explanation on how to set it up yourself.

Do you want to explore the workings of Embedded Proto by yourself? That is fine, the source code is available for free for open source projects on Github.


What users say about Embedded Proto:
Protobuf is for us an easy-to-use and compact alternative to XML. Embedded Proto helps us to make easy, fast and future proof embedded C++ to C# cross platform communication possible.
L. van der Heeden
System Lead Engineer
Schoonderbeek Elektronica Systemen B.V.
I want to express my gratitude for this excellent work! It's been an absolute pleasure to use Embedded Proto in my project, making a UART CLI and LoRa communication interface with flash/SD storage.
David Z.
Embedded Systems Engineer
Our IoT devices connect to our microservice backend developed in different programming languages. Embedded Proto allowed for an easy interface shared among all. It puts all of our developers on the same page about the data communicated.
C. Hülsemeyer
Embedded Software

User Updates

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    Source Code

    Try the code today!

    Open Source

    You can use Embedded Proto for free in open source projects or for testing. However, on-demand support is available if you have a commercial license. For open source projects, you can download the source code from Github. The code is available under the GNU General Public License V3.0, and you can use it for all your non-commercial projects. 


    Commercial License

    If you are developing a commercial product, you must buy a commercial license from Embedded AMS B.V. There is a suitable license for each business size, from startup to enterprise. Depending on the license, it may give you access to:

    • An unlimited number of mcu’s
    • Professional support
    • Code quality report
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    The 7 advantages of Embedded Proto

    • Suitable for Different Microcontrollers

      We do not want to limit your choice of hardware. We believe ... more

    • Modern C++ Implementation

      The functionalities and size of microcontrollers is ... more

    • Small RAM & ROM Footprints

      To limit overhead of the library, we have focussed on using ... more

    • MISRA Compatible Code

      Our software is often used in applications where safety ... more

    • No Dynamic Memory Allocation Required

      Many coding standards forbid dynamic memory allocation ... more

    • Easily Integrated

      We firmly believe that tools should help the developer. Therefore ... more

    • Professional Support

      We offer professional support via email, phone or ... more

    About Embedded AMS B.V.

    Embedded Proto is a product of Embedded AMS B.V., which was founded in 2014. The company specializes in implementing innovative Algorithms, Mathematics, and Software for embedded devices.

    Embedded AMS supplies software for various applications. Focusing mainly on medical devices, satellite components, vehicle simulators, and green energy solutions. Do you want more information about Embedded Proto, or do you want to know what Embedded AMS B.V. can do for you? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!